An evening with CMI, AVADO and Sir Clive Woodward!

This week, AVADO and CMI were delighted to formally launch our strategic partnership with the ‘Raising the leadership game’ event at The Deck, National Theatre, London on Tuesday 18th September. We were joined by our partners from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), our clients and special guests, to enjoy the beautiful views over the River Thames.

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AVADO’s Managing Director, Amy Crawford, started proceedings by sharing some of our recent research into the challenges faced by managers including:

  • Women are five times more likely to feel that their gender hinders confidence in them
  • Only 30% of women are confident in their own management skills
  • Two-thirds of leaders aged 20-24 felt their age hindered other people’s confidence in them

These gaps in confidence due to age and gender are huge barriers to progression for managers and something both CMI and AVADO want to help address. The good news is that in terms of who makes a better manager, level of qualification was the most respected quality, ranked above all other aspects including length of time at company. That’s why we have developed our new CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, studied entirely online, to build both confidence and competence in managers, leading to greater levels of respect and performance.

We were then delighted to be joined by Tanya Aitken, Director of Insight and Development at CMI, who highlighted the problem of ‘accidental managers’ – 2.4 million untrained managers in the UK, leading to low productivity, poor mental health, absenteeism and a host of other issues that cost the UK economy. She revealed how training and apprenticeships in management with AVADO and CMI can help with the productivity crisis:

  • Well-trained managers boost productivity by over 30 per cent
  • Businesses employing apprentices increase their productivity by £214 per week on average
  • Chartered managers deliver £391k of added value to their employers,

The keynote speech was delivered by one of the UK’s most legendary sporting leaders – Sir Clive Woodward. Sir Clive is best known for his world cup winning success as the England rugby coach and as Director of Sport for Team GB at the golden London 2012 Olympics. He is also Founder and Chairman of Hive Learning, the collaborative mobile learning platform.

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Sir Clive shared with us his inspiring insights into the “DNA of a champion” and how the lessons learned from leading teams and coaching individuals can be applied in the world of business. One of the qualities he states is the most important is the ability to be a ‘sponge’ and keep learning. Sir Clive is an expert contributor to our brand new CMI Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management, appearing in a series of exclusive videos to share his unique approach with our learners. You can watch his “do’s and don’ts of being a great manager” here.


Stephanie Khan

Posted September 21, 2018