From Marketer to Data Analyst: The Career-Changing Impact of Apprenticeships

Career changers are a growing pool of people, keen to switch jobs but perhaps not necessarily move employers. Find out how apprenticeships can maximise the chances of internal job transfers succeeding. 

In 2018, people became (slightly) happier at work. Despite this, nearly half still planned to change jobs, with 30% of respondents claiming its due to lack of career progression. But progression can also mean moving horizontally.

Growing numbers of employees are interested in gaining experience in a variety of areas before deciding what role to progress further in. Internal job transfers improve employee job satisfaction, not only benefiting the workforce but the business will feel the impact of greater staff retention. 

A happier workforce that’s staying with you longer

Supporting employees looking to change careers is making an investment in their career development, boosting workforce retention and satisfaction. It’s also cost and time-effective, by avoiding the recruitment and on-boarding of new staff. 

However, it can be daunting, and often employees see changing employers as their only way of getting a new job. To improve the success rate of career-changing employees, they’ll need ample training and a strong support system surrounding them; apprenticeships help you provide both. 

Level 3 and 4 apprenticeship programmes are designed for those that are new into the industry. Employees won’t be expected to have work experience and are only required to demonstrate their passion for the role, making it ideal for someone changing careers. The length of an apprenticeship (most last over a year) leads to the training being extensive and well-rounded, boosting learners confidence by ensuring they feel competent in the role once the apprenticeship is over. 

Additionally, placing an employee on an apprenticeship programme results in a variety of stakeholders being committed – building a support system for the learner. Employers also benefit from the training provider’s support, for both the apprentice and their line manager.

A change in careers without a change in environment

Moving industries, and restarting your career, is a daunting prospect. However, it doesn’t have to be starting from scratch. Transferring vertically within your employer allows you to make the jump into a new career without the stress of starting anew in a different company.

Apprenticeships provide you a transition period into the new role; learners will be trained over the course of (at least) a year to allow natural progression to take place. 


At 17 years old, Scarlett is already on her second apprenticeship. Her career started at an agency as a marketing apprentice, completing the apprenticeship having enjoyed the experience.

However, she decided to change careers and found Avado’s data analysis apprenticeship with the global advertising agency, Wavemaker. Through apprenticeships, Scarlett is now working in a data role despite having no prior experience in the industry. 

“Don’t give up on finding a job that you really enjoy, it can take some time!”

Apprenticeships maximise your chances of success

Whether you’re seeking a career change or you’re a business wanting to facilitate one, using apprenticeships as your method of training and transitioning employees into new jobs maximises their chances of succeeding. 

Apprenticeships provide employees with enough time, training and support to become competent in their new role, and businesses offering internal transfers benefit from improving employee satisfaction.  

Utilise your Apprenticeship Levy funds on growing your workforce and investing in existing employees skill-sets and you’ll reap the benefits. 


For over 20 years, AVADO have been providing professional training and qualifications that transform businesses. In 2018, Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ apprenticeship provider, Arch Apprentices, combined forces with AVADO to become one of the most exciting education providers in the UK.

Since the Apprenticeship Levy was first announced in 2015, we’ve been consulting with businesses across the country on how to make the most out of their levy funds. From finance and HR to marketing and IT, we provide digital-first apprenticeships that will engage your workforce. 

Stephanie Khan

Posted January 13, 2020