Prepare to Pass your ACCA exams: Week 9 – Getting the most from question practice

At this stage of revision, it is all about question practice. Let me share some advice on why and how you should do question practise to get the best from the experience.

There are 4 main reasons for having question practise as the key focus of your revision:

  1. It gives you a chance to check your understanding. Often when we simply read something we think that we know what it means. It is not until we apply that knowledge in an exam question can we check that we do fully understand.
  2. It identifies any areas that you need to recap. If you do get a question wrong then review the answer and if you cannot see where you went wrong, look back at the notes to ensure you will get it right next time.
  3. It shows you the type of questions and range of topics that may come up in the real exam. In that way you’ll be better prepared for whatever crops up on the day itself.
  4. It helps you work out how to spend your time in the exam. Remember you have 1.8 minutes per mark available in the exam room so consider how long it takes you to read a scenario or do the calculations.

But how should you do your question practice? Here are some do’s and don’t’s

  • Do them under exam conditions. See how much you can achieve in the time allowed. Ideally you should aim to pass each question to ensure an overall pass on the day.
  • Do some constructed response questions in full so that you know how to structure your answer with full sentences and clearly laid out calculations.
  • Do some of those questions in bullet point format so that you can cover a greater range of topics.
  • Do review the answers fully, being honest in assessing where you would or wouldn’t have scored marks.
  • Don’t worry if your answer is not correct. Review your revision notes and attempt another question on a similar topic to ensure you now understand.
  • Don’t be disappointed by criticism of your answers. If your tutor is marking your questions (or mock exams) then take on board their feedback and aim to implement their suggestions on the next attempt.

Spending your revision time in this way will improve your chances of success in the exam room.

Caron Betts

Posted November 20, 2018