Digital Marketing Apprentice – Digital Display Activation Assistant

Vacancy Details

  • OMD UK

  • London

Digital Marketing

We’re looking for someone who…..

Shows up with a great attitude!!
Attention to Detail: Ensuring day-to-day activities are considered, checked and optimised
Communications: Maintaining purpose and clarity of message through honest and direct communications
How you show up: Being authentic through professionalism and  attitude; accountable and present through action in practice

You’ll become a trusted client ally!!
Understanding of the client’s business: Demonstrate client curiosity fed by independent research and active listening during client interactions
Be plugged in to the wider media landscape and know what this means for our clients: Utilising internal support and external information to buid inductry knowledge relevant to my role and clients
Able to listen and question to gain a full understanding of a client’s needs: Understand how all activities are delivered to specific client requirements

You will support OMD commercially!
Understanding the drivers of commercial performance: Gaining a basic understanding of how the business makes money
Day-to-day commercial management: Understanding how commercial performance is set and tracked
Making robust financial decisions: Understanding the role and importance of Return on Investment (ROI) for clients and the business

…….Through working together within the Activation team
Fosters collaboration: Demonstrate a clear willingness to work with others
Manages resources effectively: A self-starter who manages my own time based on the tasks assigned
Promotes the power of development: Show a willingness to stretch myself beyond what’s expected


The role and what you will gain…

  • Basic understanding of the online advertising landscape, Display and Programmatic ecosystems and buying mechanics
  • Gather a basic understanding of all Media related systems and their role and how Display channels are traded
  • Use simple calculations to track campaign delivery versus plan from different sources of data
  • Support manager in day-to-day Display buying, negotiation and delivery of targets
  • Approving Digital Display budgets to media owners. Assisting your team with booking money onto the system
  • Understanding Agency finance processes to resolve any discrepancies
  • Ensuring all campaigns are delivered in full whilst not exceeding pre agreed budgets
  • Become familiar with costing, understanding how they were developed and the calculations behind them; CPMs, CPVs, impressions etc.
  • Familiarity with Digital marketplace, knowledge of media owner portfolio
  • Assist with buying briefs
  • Able to describe digital buying/programmatic concepts and strategies with clarity
  • Use basic calculations to determine performance using media metrics
  • Understanding clients buying targets; quality, and helping deliver these
  • Assisting with Post Campaign Analysis (PCA) reports
  • Using negotiation, buying skills and systems to deliver Digital Display campaigns and identify efficiencies
  • Ensuring booking vouching is executed accurately and to deadlines
  • Able to reconcile campaigns in the required timeframes.
  • Understanding of Client reporting dashboard
  • Assist with the setup and maintenance of digital media reporting solutions
  • Work across all digital channels to ensure accurate and consistent reporting
  • Be comfortable working with large amounts of data and databases